Looking after you…

Now that we have retired, we are pleased that you can receive the same attention from another Independent Hearing Aid Dispenser.

Greg and Val Clements are a family team, just as were were, and have been known to us for some years. To contact them, use any of the following:-

Phone:- 07841420675

Web-site:- clementshearingservices.co.uk

Email:- clementshearing@gmail.com

I shall be continuing our work with hearing-impaired people by my involvement as a member of the Board of Trustees of Hearing Link. If you feel you need some help, please contact them at www.hearinglink.org

Please note that from Friday 5th August Northern Acoustics Hearing Aids is no longer in operation due to retirement, and no other reason!

We have served in this capacity since 1984, and in all that time we have remained independent of any specific manufacturer and maintained our independence of the large ‘National’ Companies. This allowed us to offer a personal profile where we knew our clients well. 

Our existing hearing-aid clientele will soon receive a letter explaining what is happening, and the seamless continuation of services to them. Mailing  should be made meanwhile to

Northern Acoustics

Po Box 3409


G66 9BN

Phone number 0141 776 2556

Web-site www.northernacoustics,wordpress.com

E-mail us at info@northern-acoustics.co.uk

 We are also accessible on Skype at northern.acoustics

We are often asked questions about hearing aids by new or experienced users, and so have put together the most-asked enquiries on the following link:-

Questions and answers 

If you can think of any others we can add them in.

We are now on Skype….call us by arrangement on northern.acoustics

You need a webcam with microphone for this

From an e-mail received 02/11/2009 from Mr R.H…..

Dear Sirs,

After using the new Cielo 2 (open-fit) aid on my right ear, I have to say that the xxxxx aid I have been wearing on the left side is no comparison to the Cielo 2. The Cielo 2 has now rendered the xxxxx hearing aid to the bin for good! Even just wearing the single Cielo on my right ear is enough for me to hear better than with two of the xxxxx aids. But I would like to have another Cielo 2 hearing aid for my left side.

Sound wise, I find the Cielo 2 is an vast improvement. Recently in the wash house at my house, I was hearing a thundering noise. I am thinking of where that noise is coming from? It actually turn out to be a glass bottle was sitting on top of freezer. I definitely do feel if I was wearing the xxxxx hearing aid, I would not register to pick up the sound quickly.

One to one communication with the Cielo, great, can.t complain but in a noisy pub, it felt louder and therefore the music and voice were interacting with each other but I still cope and understood better so I am happy with the original setting, I don’t think we need to make a drastic change on the internal setting of the Cielo 2 hearing aid as I prefer not to fidget around the aid. I like the battery closure to always set to program 1 and that is it.

So overall, I am very very pleased with the product. I am available for this Wednesday 4th or Friday 13th of November.  Say 11.30am for both days?

So once again, I would like to thank you and your staff for your assistance and help.


The following contacts are involved in Deaf Awareness Training but we can take no responsibility for their suitability……

Bertha A Walker  MA       bertha@bertha.wanadoo.co.uk  0131 478 4432…based in East of Scotland

The following contacts are involved in Disability Access Advice but we can take no responsibility for their suitability……

Bertha A Walker  MA       bertha@bertha.wanadoo.co.uk  0131 478 4432…based in East of Scotland

There will be a meeting at the Go Rooms, George House, George Square Glasgow, close to Queen Street Station, on Saturday 21st Nov ember from 10am to 4pm. If you want further details contact  the organiser linda.sharkey@hearingconcernlink.org or see the website http://www.hearingconcernlink.org/

I am giving a presentation this coming Saturday at an Educational meeting of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists on the subject of Dispensing Assistants.

Hearing Concern Link, and the Scottish Council on Deafness have arranged an evening  information meeting on Thursday 20th August, from 5pm to 7pm at The Watermill Hotel, Lonend, Paisley…..just drop in for advice, no appointment needed.